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Committed to my heart

Mother • Artist • Writer • Femme Feelosopher


joanna is a chicana, cis femme writer, caretaker and unschooling mama living in the Inland Empire of California, in ongoing occupied Tongva lands.

Much of jo's work typically meditates on neurodiversity and patterns, interdependence and families, messiness, sovereignty and compassionate communication.  joanna's life serves to self-directed, autonomous existence; hedonistic pursuits, being a parent and her beloved relationships.

joanna writes prose and poetry, is publisher of the zines The Heart We Grew and Inch by Inch, founded the Disabled BIPOC in SDE project, runs a slow-paced podcast entitled femme feelosophy and tends to a small, budding backyard garden. Occasionally she'll use alias Chillóna Apple for artistic purposes.

'Commited to my heart' comes from a song lyric by Wizard Apprentice.

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